SHED IT! The Whole She-Bang

Revving Your 40+ Metabolism

In 8 Belly-Shedding, Fat-Burning, Hormone-Balancing Weeks

Could your metabolism use a boost? I bet it could!! It starts to dip as early as our 20’s and then continues to decline approximately 5% for each decade over 40. In addition, hormonal fluctuations cause our hunger to increase and our metabolism to become more sluggish which ends up with weight gain – especially around our middles. The good news is, by manipulating our diets and lifestyles a bit, we can literally turn back our metabolic clock, naturally balance our hormones and and flip that muscle/flab ratio in our favor! This program will help to kickstart you into fat-burning mode in a “red hot flash”!!!

“After turning 40, everything changed for me and no one seemed to have any answers aside from “everything’s normal” – really!!??  A friend recommended Jacqui and after speaking with her, I knew I had come to the right place – someone who finally understood what I was experiencing and had a realistic plan to get me back to “me”.  Fast forward – In just 4 short weeks I not only physically look and feel significantly better, my mood is better too.  Couldn’t be happier with the “new and improved” me!!  Thank you Jacqui for all your support and expert guidance :)”
Ann C.

Program Description: 8 week Plan

Benefits include:

  • Shedding of excess weight and body fat
  • Elimination of bloat
  • Reduction of belly fat
  • Stabilized blood suger
  • A healthier lipid profile
  • Full-body detoxification
  • Stress reduction
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved digestion
  • Decrease in inflammation
  • A more robust immune system
  • Increased energy
  • More stable mood
  • Clearer thinking
  • A greater understanding of your metabolic and nutritional needs
  • An increase in libido
  • A more vibrant, happier, self-confident you

  • Improved hormone balance

This plan includes:

  • As the health of your gut and liver are crucial to an efficiently functioning metabolism, balanced hormones, and a flat belly…. this program begins with a 7-Day Gut Healing Pre-cleanse and 14-Day Gentle Liver Detox (products included).

  • 6 15-minute “keeping you on track” check-ins
  • Initial Consultation (1 hour via Zoom)
  • Maintenance Consultation (1 hour via Zoom)
  • 14-Day Lean Body Plan (product included) and eating plan, recipes, and meal suggestions.

  • A blood chemistry review and analysis (you provide your most recent blood chemistry results)

  • SHED IT! Tool Box: SHED IT! Cleanse with food-based plan & recipes, SHED IT! Healthy Eating Basics, SHED IT! Optimal Foods List, SHED IT! Daily Food Journal, SHED IT! Measurement Chart, SHED IT! Mojo Mindset Technique

  • SHED IT! Customized Maintenance Plan that addresses your unique metabolic and nutritional needs based on your symptoms and blood chemistry results.

  • Email support, as needed
  • Food journal review
  • Optional: Hormone Testing (additional fee)