My SHED IT! programs are designed to help you finally shed your most bothersome symptoms so that you can experience the level of wellness you desire and deserve.

Whether you are fed up with:

  • Feeling weighed down by belly fat and bloat
  • Struggling with stubborn hormonal weight gain
  • Dealing with funky digestion and poor gut health
  • Having low energy or just not feeling your best

One of my programs is right for you! Let’s talk and find that journey to health that you have been looking for.

“I cannot begin to convey how delighted I am with my results on this program! My belly bulge is significantly decreased, my energy levels greatly increased, I’ve lost 9 pounds in 3 weeks, and I can wear my skinny jeans again!! Hooray!! I’ve made so many positive changes in my food choices and I feel terrific! I’m sold on this program. Thank you, Jacqui!!”

Jenny – Atlanta, Ga

New Client 20-minute Consult ( Virtual) $25

You are not alone in your symptoms or feelings. Common hormonal symptoms such as weight gain, mood swings, poor digestion, brain fog, insomnia, hot flashes and the most bothersome symptom of all, abdominal bloat and belly fat are challenging at best but also completely normal. They are all just natural reactions to fluctuating hormones in Peri-menopause. The good news here is:


You are not destined to live out your life in this state of hormonal havoc. We now have the knowledge and tools to reverse, decrease and even eliminate these symptoms so that you can get back to the way you use to feel and look before all this hormonal havoc took over.

During this 20-minute visit, we will discuss your current symptoms and goals and I will guide you as to which program would best fit your individual needs. I will also give you some valuable hormone-balancing tips so that you can start feeling better right now!

The cost of this visit can be applied to any individual consultation or program of your choice.