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Client Testimonial

I did your Kickstart Cleanse prior to Thanksgiving and feel like a million bucks! So great to go into the holidays with energy and feeling healthy. Lost 9 pounds, saw visible difference in my body, skin and energy level. Didn’t stick to it exactly but what I did do really worked!
Corrine B.
This program has made such a huge difference in my life! I felt soooo much better in my body. In fact, the chronic pain in my hip and shoulder completely disappeared and my sleep and hot flashes dissipated almost completely (I am 50). My body had seemed to change overnight and I just felt so uncomfortable and disconnected from myself. This program brought me back home. I lost weight and inches but the best outcome was that I really felt wonderful with a bounce in my step and a much clearer mind too!! This is now my plan for life as I enjoy the real, fresh foods, teas and all of the thoughtful components so much. Thank you so much for this gift, Jacqui.
Melinda B.
Nearing the end of the program and have decided to keep it going. Number one reason: fewer hot flashes than I’ve had in years. Ever since menopause, my flashes have been debilitating (changing soaked through sheets in the middle of the night, anyone?). This program has really made a significant improvement and nothing (and I think I may have tried every cure under the sun short of voodoo) has helped. I’m a fan for life!!
Lucy P.
I only started this program on Monday and I have to say, I feel fantastic already after three days! I have more energy, my mood has improved, I can definitely feel a reduction in my tummy and, unbelievably, my asthma has improved enormously. So far, so good – I’m definitely going to stick with this!!
Kathryn S.
I gleaned so many great insights from Jacqui’s expertise about what happens to our bodies after menopause – and why. Her knowledge and enthusiasm at each stage of the program was so inspiring – and it kept me honest. Best part is I have adopted a lifestyle approach to eating and nutrition that is easy to follow, diverse and delicious! I trimmed down evenly and I feel great energy every day.
Patti L.

New Client 20-minute Consult $50

At this consultation, we will discuss your wellness issues and goals. I will guide you as to which program would best fit your needs and give you some wellness recommendations. **The cost of this visit can be applied to any consultation or program.**

Initial Consultation $300

During this consultation, we will review your nutrition questionnaire, and wellness packet and get you started on your SHED IT! Kickstart Cleanse.  If provided, I will also review your most current bloodwork and make recommendations based on your results.

Follow-Up (30 Min)          $95

This is a check-in appointment to go over your food journal, and your progress and to answer any questions you may have.

Follow-Up (1 hour)        $200

At this appointment we will: Review your Kickstart Cleanse experience and results and discuss any further recommendations.

Nutrition Tune-Up (75 Min) $250

This appointment is for new clients who want a basic nutrition consultation to review their diet and supplements and get a basic plan to meet their goals OR current clients who have fallen off the track and are in need of a “tune up”.

Lab Review & Wellness Plan $375

This is a visit to go over your recent lab work (report of findings) and your plan to go forward to address your root causes so that you can reach your wellness goals.