SHED IT! Let's Get Gutsy!

Let’s Get Gutsy – 6 Week Plan (without testing)
Let’s Get Gutsy Plus – 12 Week Plan (with testing)

It is said that everything begins and ends in the gut and that the road to health is paved with good intestines. As a formerly “digestively-challenged” person myself, I can say with complete certainty that NOTHING is more bothersome than having funky digestion – right!?  Bloating, gas, frequent or not frequent enough trips to the bathroom are obvious symptoms, but lesser known symptoms such as headaches, low energy, foggy head, weight issues, hormone imbalances, mood swings, low immunity, insomnia and acne and other skin issues are part of poor-gut-health too.  The good news is there are cutting-edge, science-based protocols and testing that pinpoint the issues and a plan to resolve them.  A healthy gut truly equals a healthy you.

“I suffered with debilitating IBS for years.  Nothing I tried helped.  I consulted with Jacqui for weight loss and she convinced me to do her gut health testing.  It revealed several causative factors related to my IBS.  Jacqui put me on a plan to eliminate them and heal my gut.  I immediately began to feel better and I am now completely symptom free.  I feel amazing!!  Thanks Jacqui :)

Judy M

Let’s Get Gutsy: (6 week plan)

This plan includes:

  • Initial Consultation (1 hour via Zoom)
  • Maintenance Consultation (1/2 hour via Zoom)

  • SHED IT! Let’s Get Gutsy Tool Box:  SHED IT! Gut-Healing Cleanse with food-based plan & recipes, SHED IT! Gut-Healing Supplement Protocol (products included), SHED IT! Digestive Wellness Basics, SHED IT! Belly-Loving Foods List, SHED IT! Daily Food Journal

  • 6 15-minute “keeping you on track” check-ins
  • Email support, as needed
  • Food journal review

Let’s Get Gutsy Plus: (12 week plan)

Takes a deeper dive into your gut health by adding:

  • GI Map Test (included in plan), analysis and report of findings and therapeutic protocols (supplements not included)

  • Optional Food Sensitivity Testing and Customized Eating Plan (additional Fee)

  • Report of findings consultation (1 hour via Zoom)

Benefits include:

  • Shedding of excess weight and body fat (poor gut health can result in weight issues)

  • Elimination of bloat
  • Reduction of belly fat
  • Improved sleep (yes – your sleep issues may be connected with your gut issues)
  • Improved digestion
  • Clearer skin
  • Feeling more hormonally balanced (your gut is intimately connected to maintaining a healthy hormone balance)
  • A decrease in inflammation (inflammation often begins in your gut)
  • A more robust immune system (70% of your immune system resides in your gut)
  • Increased energy
  • More stable mood
  • Clearer thinking (your gut is considered your second brain)

  • A greater understanding of what foods work for you and what foods don’t

  • A greater feeling of overall wellness and vitality