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wellness goals today!

“I’ve been on every fad diet on the planet! For the first time I feel that this is a plan I can live with. I’m not hungry and my energy level is steady all day. I’m 4 days in and I’m already seeing results! The daily support added the accountability I needed to stay the course. I’m so happy that I gave this a chance and I’m planning on making this a lifestyle.”
-Patricia V. (previously known as Hormonal Hannah)

Introducing the SHED IT! 30-Day Hormone-Balancing Plan
Now available in a DIY Online Course.

This plan contains all the great content and benefits of my SHED IT! One-on-One plans at less than ½ the price.

It’s no secret that the menopausal transition can be a challenging one at best. Trying to understand your symptoms and solutions to them can be completely overwhelming. And to make matters worse, there’s plenty of unhelpful advice out there, like the tired old suggestion to “eat less and exercise more” to combat menopausal weight gain. It’s frustrating, to say the least and following that advice can actually cause more harm than good.

Shedding weight, especially around the middle can be difficult due to the hormonal fluctuations beginning in perimenimenopause. This is the reason why your normal eating and exercise plan no longer gets you the results it use to and no matter what you try, the scale doesn’t move in the right direction. The good news is, shedding that stubborn hormonal weight gain is possible and the plan outlined in this course will get you there.

This 30-Day Plan is designed to kickstart your hormone-balancing journey and help you shed stubborn weight, especially around the middle. With this plan, you will have everything you need to make meaningful changes and achieve sustainable results. Best of all – you can go at your own pace, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

And I’ll be right there with you guiding you along. Each module contains a video where I’ll be touching on important learning points and giving you inspiration on your journey. There is also a Discussion Group where you can ask questions, interact with women on the same journey and celebrate your wins together.

Here are just some of the benefits you can look forward to:


  • Shedding of excess weight

  • Eliminating bloat
  • Reducing belly fat
  • Increasing energy
  • Improving hormonal balance

  • Sleeping better
  • Improving digestion
  • Decreasing inflammation
  • Becoming a more vibrant and happier you

Here is what women are saying about the SHED IT! DIY Plan:

“Hi All – especially Jacqui, I was desperate to lose a heavy bloated belly for my daughter’s wedding in early October and I came upon this course with a week to go. Although I was not able to do all the meals religiously, between the broths & waters and a little extra care about what I ate, I looked and felt amazing.! Thank you so much. I will keep going now and look forward to further great results. Thanks again!” Evelyn C.

Evelyn C., Your Content Goes Here

“I technically finished this a month ago but have continued with a combination of my favorites from the 3 parts. I’m vegan and found it very easy to adapt. Also, I was not a huge fan of infused water but now I am hooked and am playing with my own recipes. Thank you so much for such a well thought out program which has quite literally changed my life!” – Steffi D.

Steffi D., Your Content Goes Here

“After strict adherence to this diet for 10 days I’m happy to report I’ve lost 3″ off my waist. This plan really works. It has specifically targeted a problem area and the results are impressive. The H2O’s, teas, and broths are here to stay! I will do this again. Thank you for this course!” – Heather C.

Heather C, Your Content Goes Here

This Plan includes:

Just get started!  In the words of one of my most enlightened clients:

“If I knew I could feel so good, I wouldn’t have wasted so much time feeling bad.”
Barbara F.

So, WHO AM I and why should you listen to me:

I’m Jacqui Justice and thank you for your interest in my SHED IT! DIY Program. If you are new to my practice, then here’s what’s important to know.

Since 1996, I’ve been helping women struggling with stubborn hormonal weight gain and all the symptoms that go with it. I use a functional medicine approach which involves identifying and eliminating my client’s root causes to their weight shedding and wellness issues. This often involves some cutting edge, science-based testing. This is the most cost-effective, time-saving way to resolve issues that stand in the way of achieving the level of wellness all people desire and deserve.

Why I focus on menopause

Because, it’s a vitally important subject that, up until very recently, had been basically ignored causing unnecessary suffering among women across the globe. For so long, menopause was considered somewhat of a taboo subject with most women reporting feeling alone in their symptoms. Things, thankfully are starting to change only because women are finally demanding answers and they are finally being heard. But honestly, we still have quite a ways to go…

In addition to my private virtual practice, I’ve created many online courses including my best selling Shedding Your Menopausal Middle, The Menopausal Middle Menu Plan and What To Eat After 40 which to this date have helped over 200,000 women worldwide shed belly fat, bloat, and all the symptoms that accompany that and get their lives and bodies back again. This DIY Plan is extracted from those courses.

What makes this course truly unique?

  • It’s specifically designed to address the challenges faced by women struggling with stubborn hormonal weight gain and belly fat during the menopausal transition.
  • The therapeutic recipes are designed to target and shed that menopausal middle, naturally balancing hormones along the way.
  • The importance of mindset is emphasized as it is the missing link in most weight loss plans out there and the proof is: 66% of dieters end up heavier after their diet than before because diet and exercise alone are not the key to long term results – a mindset shift is.
  • Unlike most DIY courses, this course has a built-in support system, with me guiding you every step of the way and a Discussion Group where you can find support from like-minded women. There is never a time in our lives when we need the support of our “tribe” more than the menopausal transition. This is no time to be suffering in silence, feeling alone in our symptoms. The SHED IT! Discussion Group is a place to come to to ask questions, tell your story, hang out with women on the same journey and learn from others experiences.

This DIY Program has been a passion project of mine for many years. I am beyond grateful to be able to shed some long overdue, much needed light on the menopausal transition and empower women to thrive instead of just surviving. My hope is that this DIY course serves to give you some answers and a plan to get started on your journey back to yourself with a flatter belly and a renewed sense of wellness and self-confidence.

So, if you’ve been struggling with your menopausal transition and you are ready to reclaim your life and body, please click on the link below and Kickstart your weight-shedding and wellness goals today!!