January 3, 2024


Unless we are living in a bubble, we are surrounded day in and day out by environmental toxins, both inside and outside our homes.  In addition, if we have slipped into poor eating and lifestyle habits, our toxic burden is further increased.

It is estimated that the average american ingests about a gallon of chemicals a year and that approximately 75% of weight issues are due, in part, to being overly toxic.  Toxins are stored in our fat cells and our bodies will hold onto that fat, as well as, water as a protective mechanism.  So not only do toxins make us sick –  they also make us fat!

And that’s not all!  Our major detox organ of our body, our liver, is intimately connected with natural hormone balancing and needs to be working efficiently to properly break down and eliminate excess estrogen. If it is at all sluggish from being overburdened with toxins, that excess estrogen tends to build up and cause a phenomenon known as estrogen dominance, the symptoms of which are familiar to us all: Hormonal weight gain, fluid retention & bloating, fatigue, decreased sex drive, cellulite, mood swings, anxiety & depression.

In addition, your sluggish liver is now on full-on fat storage mode and I’m sure you can guess by now that it’s favorite storage site is right in your belly and better known as deep visceral belly fat.

I know what you are thinking…..”Detox…hmmm sounds like a good idea and I have been experiencing many of those estrogen dominance symptoms.  Also, I have been really sluggish lately, my thinking has been fuzzier than ever and my digestion is not what it used to be.  My skin hasn’t been looking as clear or bright either and my eyes have puffy dark circles all of a sudden.  I can’t seem to concentrate on anything and my memory is totally shot.  I’ve also been getting these annoying headaches and my joints ache.  Worst of all, I can’t seem to lose weight for anything!  Damn I’m a hot mess!

I really DO need a good detox but….the idea of it makes me kind of nervous.  My friend went on one and she had to drink these really gross cleansing drinks and couldn’t eat real food for like a whole month!  She was in a really bad mood too and now nobody likes her anymore.  I don’t want to give up food and be in a really bad mood for a whole month and have no friends…. Ugh – this is sounding like a really bad idea.  I think I need some chocolate….and a nap”.

Well put your fears aside because DFH has come up with the answer to your detox prayers – Their VegeCleanse Plus14 Day Detox – short, simple and sensational results in just 14 days!!!  Best of all….you can eat REAL FOOD!!!!  Yes there are detox shakes – but they are DELICIOUS! (see recipes)  This detox is as pleasant as they get and as a result, you will actually enjoy it.  This is a gentle effective detox that will leave you feeling clean, clear, lighter and more energetic and it won’t cost you 1 single friend either : )

Detox Smoothie Recipes

VegeCleanse Plus 14 Day Detox Program