My husband and I are just loving our new plan of eating! It’s interesting how you experience really tasting the fresh food that you are putting in your mouth. Thank you.

— C.M.

If only I knew I could feel this good – I wouldn’t have wasted so much time feeling bad!

— B. F.

By far the best program I’ve ever found! I felt totally supported throughout and my commitment level was and is incredible! I am on track to reach my goals and I feel fabulous!

— J.L.

I’ve been on every fad diet on the planet! For the first time I feel that this is a plan I can live with. I’m not hungry and my energy level is steady all day. I’ve even started exercising. I’m so happy that I gave this a chance.

— B. V.

I am LOVING this! At first I was tired but now I feel better than I have in years. I have already lost 14 pounds and 4 percent in body fat (6 weeks). I no longer suffer from indigestion or snore at night. My whole family is enjoying this and we all feel so much healthier. I don’t even feel like cheating!

— M. I.

Working with Jacqui is one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. I feel totally taken care of and she inspires and motivates me to be my best! When I slip off my plan, she doesn’t reprimand me but cheers me on to get back on track. I love her 80% rule – totally livable and her Mojo Mindset is phenomenal! I am on week 9 of my 12 week program and I feel like a new person – on every level. I’ve lost 18 pounds of my 20 pound weigh loss goal. Couldn’t be happier : )

— D.B.

I feel great for the first time in years. This is so much easier than I thought it would be. I have no more annoying cravings and I am not hungry all day long like I used to be. I’ve just returned from vacationing in Spain and I was able to maintain my diet. So far I have lost 28 pounds and 5% in body fat. My tennis game has improved remarkably – I feel like I am 10 years younger! Thanks Jacqui.

— W. R.

The word “amazing” is a very overused word these days. But Jacqui Justice is not only amazing…. she is F- N amazing! She did what the medical community failed to do. They failed to diagnosis and even exacerbated my condition. Let me explain. After a normal checkup I was told that my C reactive protein was dangerously high. They gave me an EKG, prescribed a stress test and had my carotoid artery checked. Everything came back clean. The doctors were baffled. I was told to exercise…. something that I already did vigorously for an hour each day but also to lose weight. I had noticed that although I ate a balanced diet my weight was creeping up. I was also told to take two aspirins a day instead of one. I decided not to wait for my next check-up. I met with Jacqui and she had me do an Alcat blood test to test for food sensitivities. She figured out that the inflammation was probably in my gut, caused because of intolerances to certain foods. Taking two aspirins a day would have made the inflammation in my stomach even worse. Thanks, Doc! Jacqui helped me work out an eating plan and guess what? The inflammation got under control and the weight started to pour off! I can not believe it! Thank you so much Jacqui!

— G.F

After years of hearing about Jacqui Justice, I finally made an appointment to see her myself. I had been trying on my own to lose the same 20 lbs. with little success, even with a basically healthy diet and daily exercise. On our first appointment, Jacqui analyzed my blood work and went over it with me in thorough detail – WOW! Based on those findings, she had me do a more comprehensive blood chemistry which revealed not only an auto-immune thyroid disorder but pre-diabetes as well. She explained to me that having just one of these issues would make it extremely difficult for me to lose weight but two would make it nearly impossible. Jacqui designed an eating and supplement plan that addressed these issues and I am finally – for the first time in years – losing weight, as well as, inches! In addition, my energy has returned and is steady all day. Best of all – a recent follow-up blood chemistry showed a great improvement in my blood sugar and I am no longer considered pre-diabetic. I feel like I’ve dodged a gigantic bullet! Thank you Jacqui!!!!!!!!

— J. V.

I went to see Jacqui because I was having difficulty losing weight and my energy was extremely low. I’m the mother of two active boys and work full time in a demanding and stressful job so I needed to do something fast! Jacqui recommended I test for possible Food Sensitivities right away even though I didn’t feel I had any. Well – I was totally blown away by the results. Foods that I was eating, thinking they were healthy, were totally wrong for me – so crazy! Anyway, I started my plan and the very next day I felt noticeably better. Three days after that my energy had returned and I had lost 4 lbs!!!! I am losing weight and body fat consistently each week and am now able to exercise. I feel and look better than I have in years! My advice to you – go see Jacqui and get tested for Food Sensitivities – the results are nothing short of amazing! She will design a customized plan for you based on your results that is both easy and delicious. Go for it! I’m SO happy I did.

— L.C.

I was diagnosed with IBS 5 years ago. After going from doctor to doctor looking for answers, my Chiropractor recommended I see Jacqui. On our first visit, Jacqui spent time with me listening to my story and teaching me about food. She tested me for food sensitivities and sent me home with a test kit to test my adrenal stress. Jacqui started me on her Kickstart Cleanse which ended up being much easier than I thought it would be. Long story short, my tests revealed many sensitivities – mainly gluten and dairy and a significant amount of adrenal stress. Jacqui created a plan for me based on this information, as well as, my lifestyle. I still cannot believe it but my digestive issues seem to be a thing of the past! I no longer get bloated and gassy after meals or have to run to the bathroom in a panic and my stomach is flat for the first time in years! So, I guess it wasn’t IBS after all – just food sensitivities and stress. Just wish I had found out about Jacqui 5 years ago!

— L.B.

I was not someone who had to loose 50 lbs., but I have struggled to loose 10 to 20 lbs. for 20 years. There were some short term successes…Weight Watchers, South Beach, but nothing lasting. I finally bit the bullet this past Thanksgiving…after eating almost all of a coconut cream pie from Galloway’s. I met with Jacqui and was not very happy…I felt I would not be able to follow this plan and I didn’t trust it…there are times I still pinch myself to believe that it’s working. I have lost 12 solid lbs. and I did it cruising through Christmas holiday time. This way of eating is working for me…I still have weight to lose and will continue to follow this plan. Seeing a nutritionist makes you honest…the scale doesn’t lie. Before Jacqui, no one, not even my husband, knew what I weighed. I am down one size in jeans/ pants, I truly have more energy, I appreciate the real taste of food…no additives…and I hope I don’t wake up and find I’ve been dreaming. Good luck and trust Jacqui.

— G. R.

Retaining Jacqui Justice as your nutritionist is the best gift you can give yourself to promote your well being. My internist is astounded at how my HDL (healthy cholesterol) skyrocketed, and LDL (bad cholesterol) plummeted after beginning nutritional therapy with her. The effects of my hypothyroidism have also been greatly improved through her counseling. What distinguishes Jacqui is her intelligence and caring heart. She is not a self-proclaimed “dietician” in a weight loss mill, but a caring professional with a master’s degree in Nutrition from New York Medical College. Because she is so knowledgeable, she can customize unique health and weight loss programs to suit each individual client. She can offer you cutting edge health information years before it is reported in the Science Times. Loosing 16 pounds was actually easy under her guidance! I have referred dozens of my friends to her and they still thank me for it. You will too!

— B. T.

When I first went to see Jacqui, I had been on a medically supervised extremely low calorie diet for several weeks. While I had lost some weight, I felt incredibly unhealthy. I started Jacqui’s Kickstart Cleanse and after just one week felt human again. I ate more than I had in weeks and still managed to lose three pounds. It gave me the confidence I needed to ditch the diet and finally commit to a healthy lifestyle. I look forward to working with Jacqui and I know that with her help, I will reach my goals.

— J.L.

I know we’re only three days into the the true diet, but I really do feel better. My skin is even more glowy, I’m back to sleeping better, and my digestive system seems to be working efficiently- even managing to be fairly regular through stressful days. I am working on incorporating more protein- i can do better on that. But even as i slowly make your recommended changes, I am feeling and noticing some neat stuff. I’m excited to see how this continues to play out.

Thanks for being up for teaching me more, and for adjusting any of my misunderstandings. In my research I stumbled upon the varying degrees of the field and learned that the highest degree one can get in nutrition is what you have. Wow. I appreciate you personalizing your incredible expertise for me. I am really glad to be working together.

— L.D.

Just touching base with you. I’m almost a week into my cleanse. Tomorrow is 1 week. Yeah!

I had a major victory yesterday that I wanted to share with you. I had a hell day at work…meeting with my boss that went

south…conflicts at work that were complete nonsense, etc. I was so drained when I left there that all my reserve felt like it was out the window. All I wanted was wine and spaghetti…lots of both. But, staying on my path felt more important. I realized I could feel those terrible feelings, and that starting over on my plan would just be another setback I didn’t need and I would feel worse in the morning….

So….I came home…had some homemade chicken broth and called it a night! I feel proud of myself. And this whole process with you has helped me see more clearly what I need to do professionally for myself to make things better as well. I’m under construction!

— K.C.

The results are in!!!!! I did it!!!!!

My A1C was lowered to 6.1% – within the acceptable range of 4.2 to 6.3. All the way down from 7.8% in November.

My Cholesterol numbers were all good too!

Total – 162 down from 223
HDLC (Good Cholesterol) – 48 up from 43 Trig – 71 down from 109
and …
LDL 100 – down from 158.

There is still work to be done and I’m not fully out the woods yet but my hard efforts are showing results.

Remember if you don’t want to end up in an early grave think DEaD. Diet, Exercise & Determination. Food can be your medicine or your poison.

Also – I plan to do my first 5K soon!

Thank you all for you support & advice during these past difficult months. I really appreciate all the recommendations and encouragement I’ve received. It’s nice to be loved . 🙂

— S.G.

Hi Jacqui,

Yesterday was my first full day on the plan. I feel great! I have not been hungry and I have so much energy this morning. I am in shock! Every other diet plan I’ve done has left me anxious, hungry and angry! I can’t believe that after only one day I am energetic and happy!

The shift is so drastic that I wanted to write and let you know! See you next Monday!

— C.F.