April 24, 2023


One of the best things for me about having a virtual practice now is that I no longer have to weigh my clients – YES!!!!  I think I actually hated it worse than they did (come on – you know you hate getting weighed – It’s the worst!)

Well, the good news is… there is absolutely no need to weigh yourself – like ever!  Besides the fact that it causes OCWS (obsessive compulsive weighing syndrome), it’s just not a reliable indicator of your true progress, and the daily fluctuations can drive you insane!  Also – no matter what number shows up, it never motivates you to stay the course.  

Let me explain.  If you get on the scale and you’ve gained weight, you most likely get frustrated, say “F” it and sooth your disappointment with a full-on snack attack.  If you get on the scale and you’ve lost weight, one would think that would inspire you to keep going on your healthy eating and lifestyle plan but NO – the most common reaction is to reward yourself with a full-on snack attack instead.  We humans are an interesting species to say the least…

A much more reliable (and way more motivating) indicator of your progress is how your clothes are fitting you.  There is not a woman on earth who tries on her favorite jeans, sees they are fitting better and then decides to go awol on her healthy eating and lifestyle plan.  Nope – that just doesn’t happen.    So just say NO to that big, bad scale and say YES to those sassy slim jeans fitting better and better one week at a time.

To assess and chart your progress: Download my Slim Jeans Method Weekly Measurement Chart.