Weight Loss and Wellness Programs

My weight loss and wellness programs are designed to help you reach your goals as quickly and easily as possible because, like myself, I know you need to see results relatively soon to keep you in the game. Keep in mind though, it didnʼt take one day, one month, or in most cases, even one year to get you where you are right now. Thatʼs why committing to a program is your very best plan.

“By far the best program Iʼve ever found. I felt totally supported and my commitment level was and still is incredible! Iʼm on track to reaching my goals and I feel and look fabulous!” – J.L.

“It’s All About You” Programs

Comprehensive and customized nutrition programs based on YOU, your unique biochemistry, and your specific nutritional needs. Your program is based on information gathered from your initial consultation, your personal nutrition questionnaire, and a comprehensive review of your most recent lab work, as well as a series of in-office and at-home metabolic assessments. For the ultimate customized approach, it is recommended that you consider the Basic Metabolic Profile and the Alcat Food Sensitivity Test. All programs include my exclusive Kickstart Cleanse and a customized nutrition and supplement plan.

Getting Started Plan

If you are basically healthy and just interested in optimizing your diet and supplement plan, then this program is for you. Beginning with my exclusive Kickstart Cleanse, this two-visit program will cleanse, energize, and begin to rid you of unwanted weight and body fat, and then provide you with your customized nutrition and supplement plan to go forward with. This fee can be applied to any of the plans below if and when you are ready to commit to achieving your optimal wellness potential.

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Getting To Know You Plan

If you have some wellness issues or are looking for a more complete program to get you started on your weight loss goals, then this program is for you. In addition to the Getting Started Plan, we will target your specific wellness and weight loss issues. This is the perfect time to test for food sensitivities and possible metabolic issues (see Test Donʼt Guess section for descriptions) for true customization of your plan.

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Keeping You On Track Plan

If you have specific wellness issues, have difficulty losing weight, have more than 15 lbs. to lose or know that you need weekly support and guidance to reach your goals, then this program is for you. In addition to the Getting To Know You Plan, we will explore and target the most common wellness and weight loss resistance issues that may be keeping you from reaching you goals. These include: food intolerances, pH imbalance, chronic stress, chronic insomnia, insulin resistance, carbohydrate sensitivity, hormonal imbalances, menopausal syndrome, digestive issues, detoxification issues and most importantly – lifestyle and behavioral issues.

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Your Commitment To Succeed Plan

If you have several wellness issues, have difficulty losing weight, have more than 25 lbs. to lose, or have lost and gained the same unwanted weight more than once, then this program is for you. In addition to the Keeping You On Track Plan, this plan offers the most support with daily email contact to keep you moving toward your goals.

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For DIYers, click here more information on my best-selling online 8-week course Mojo Weight Loss.