The Rules of Optimal Digestion

  • Donʼt eat when stressed
  • Eat slowly (It takes 20 minutes for your belly to tell your brain you’re full)
  • Chew food completely for optimal absorption
  • Eat “consciously”
  • Do not overeat (this over taxes your digestive capabilities and sets you up for digestive disturbances)
  • Avoid drinking more than 4 oz of liquid/meal (liquids should be room temperature)
  • Increase non grain-based fiber in diet (fiber is nature’s broom)
  • Increase H2O to help keep your GI tract cleansed
  • Take digestive enzymes before meals if needed
  • Take a full-spectrum probiotic daily to keep your gut in a healthy balance.

If you are experiencing digestive difficulties, make an appointment to discover and eliminate your root causes.

“I suffered with debilitating IBS for years.  Nothing I tried helped.  I consulted with Jacqui for weight loss and she convinced me to do her gut health testing.  It revealed several causative factors related to my IBS.  Jacqui put me on a plan to eliminate them and heal my gut.  I immediately began to feel better and I am now completely symptom free.  I feel amazing!!  Thanks Jacqui 🙂

Bonnie F.