I was introduced to this unique and delightful liqueur on Kitchen Cocktails, a weekly Zoom happy hour and fell in love!!  OTTO is a premium liqueur made purely with Bergamotto (En. Bergamot Orange) from Calabria, Italy and adds such an uplifting, light citrus and floral fragrance/flavor to almost any cocktail.  The many healing properties of bergamot include helping to alleviate anxiety and stress. I say bring it on!!!


1 ounce Otto, Premium Bergamotto Liqueur

1 ounce sweet vermouth or red wine

2 ounces mineral water

1 ounce prosecco



Organic lemon peel

Rosemary sprig 


In a large wine glass, fill with ice, add lemon peel and a rosemary sprig.  Add Otto, vermouth or red wine, mineral water and prosecco.  Stir well and enjoy!

Substitutions: The first time I made this I didn’t have any prosecco or vermouth. I used red wine and more mineral water to make up for the prosecco. It was delish!!