May 26, 2023


You won’t have to wait until 5 o’clock to enjoy!

Serves 1


1/4 cup blueberries

2 large fresh mint leaves

2 cucumber slices

Lemon-infused simple syrup, to taste (see recipe)*

Ice (medium cubes)

Lemon flavored sparkling mineral water/seltzer


1 fresh mint sprig 

2 lemon slices 

3 blueberries


Muddle blueberries, mint leaves, cucumber slices and lemon-infused simple syrup* in the bottom of a glass of your choice.  Add ice and mineral water and stir well.  Taste and adjust sweetness if needed.  Garnish with mint sprig, blueberries and lemon slices.

*Lemon-infused simple syrup:

Add 1 tbsp lemon zest to 2 fluid oz of basic simple syrup recipe, replacing sugar with a natural low-glycemic sweetener such as stevia, monk fruit, allulose or xylitol.  Instead of boiling the mixture, bring it to a simmer while gently stirring to dissolve and let cool and strain.  Make sure and check proportions for the sweetener you use.