Change Your Mindset

The Mojo Mindset is an essential technique for this time in our lives – sort of a mindset change for the change so to speak and the thread that’s woven throughout all of my weight shedding and wellness programs. I believe it is the missing link to most weight loss plans out there and the proof is:  66% of dieters end up heavier after their diet than before they started.  Why?  Because diet and exercise alone are NOT the key to long term results.  A mindset change is.  That is why getting into the Mojo Mindset is where we begin our wellness journey.

So, what exactly is Mojo and what does it have to do with reaching my goal? Mojo by definition means spark, energy, vitality, self-confidence.  We all have it, some more than others and right now it may be just a mere flicker due to the hormonal issues that have dampened it, but no sweat (no pun intended), it’s coming back strong!  Your mojo is your secret weapon and essential for reaching your goals of any kind (just ask any sports star and they’ll tell you!)  In the coming weeks, you are going to learn how to resurrect your inner mojo and use it to inspire, motivate and take you from hormonal havoc to hormonal happiness and back to yourself again and yes – back into your skinny jeans!  I can hear a HELL YEAH from here!! 

The Mojo Mindset Technique:  Is my super fun, super simple and super powerful secret weapon for helping you get to your ultimate weight shedding and wellness goal by using my 3-step system that helps you to shift the mental image you currently have of yourself to that which you desire.

Step 1: Visualize It: Simply spend 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at bedtime (and anytime you need a quick boost) seeing yourself at your end result.  It could go something like this:  Visualize yourself in an outfit you would love to be wearing strutting down the catwalk of your life with all the confidence of your favorite celebrity.  Imagine all the compliments your getting and how fabulous you look and feel.  Harness your inner badass sista and rock that mojo!!!  I suggest coming up with a short visualization and recording it in your own voice – makes it much more real for you.  Make sure and make it believable.  If you have a longer journey to get to your goal, instead of visualizing yourself at your end result right away, you may want to visualize yourself at some shorter term results instead and then go from there.  Most importantly – make sure and “feel” how reaching these goals makes you feel.  I’m getting the tingles just thinking about it!!!  Go ahead – harness your “inner badass” sista and rock that mojo!!!  

Step 2: Affirm It:  Create a Mojo Mantra that affirms your awesomeness and inspires and motivates you (see below for example).  Then print it out and post it on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator, make it your screen savor – whatever!!  Look yourself in the eyes and repeat your mantra slowly and aloud, feeling the words as you say them.  Take a picture of it on your phone and repeat either aloud or to yourself as many times a day as needed with or without looking in the mirror.  At the beginning it is important to fully immerse yourself in this new mindset  so setting an alarm on your phone, watch or computer as a reminder to repeat your mantra can be extremely beneficial.

Step 3: Take Purposeful Action:  Create a SASSY SEXY LIST!  No – I’m not kidding!  Getting your sassy sexy on is essential to getting in the “mojo mindset” and achieving your belly shedding goals simply because it helps elevate the experience and keeps you in the “feel good about myself” zone.  Plus – it’s totally fun and it’s as simple as this:  If you want to feel sassy and sexy, you have to surround yourself with things that make you feel sassy and sexy.  So right now – Make a list of things (clothes, jewelry, perfume, etc.) that raise your “mojo meter” and wear something off that list everyday.  Also make a list of activities (listening to music, dancing, getting a massage – whateva…) that get you in the zone and engage in at least one of them a day.  By the end of the weak your mojo will be working overtime and you will be totally irresistible – not only to yourself but to others as well.  

Okay then…are you ready to discover how to feel alive, sexy and vibrant again and hey – get back into those skinny jeans too?  Oh and yes – find your menopausal mojo, your spark, your swagger – in other words – your energy infused sassy sexy self-confidence?  It’s been bottled up inside of you way too long just dying to burst out!!!  Learn to access and channel it and your life will ignite in ways you just can’t imagine! That’s a Promise!!

Mojo Lips



I am sexy, vibrant and beautiful from the inside out!  The flame from my inner spark ignites and my mojo is on fire!!