Merry Mock-tini

Merry Mock-tini


    • 2 T fresh lime juice for (use some for garnishing glass)
    • 1 T monk fruit or stevia powder (found in sugar aisle)
    • 1 T crushed raspberries (fresh or frozen)
    • ½ cup all-natural cranberry juice (no sugar added)
    • 1 splash raspberry-flavored sparkling water
    • 3 raspberries for garnish
    • 3 mint leaves for garnish


  1. To prepare martini glass, wet the rim of the glass with a small bit of lime juice and dip into monk fruit or stevia sugar. Shake the crushed raspberries with the remaining lime juice and ice. Add the cranberry juice and sparkling water and pour into glass (draining the raspberry puree and ice). Garnish with raspberries and mint leaves skewered on a thin stirrer.  Makes 1 serving



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