Exercise Favs


Just Do It!
Find an exercise you like
And stick with it.

I’m going to let you in on my dirty little secret – I don’t LOVE (or even like sometimes) to exercise. There, I said it! BUT — just like eating right – I feel and look SO much better when I do, so I do it! It’s all about the benefits, my friends. Another reason is that I’m totally into prevention – prevention of osteoporosis, breast cancer, heart disease, diabetes… you name it! So, exercise is “the bomb” when it comes to getting and keeping you in shape, preventing most chronic diseases, and, if that weren’t enough, pumping out those “feel like a rock star” endorphins! Oh – and did I mention that it ramps up your metabolism for up to 24 hours! Tennis anyone?!

Exercise is all about finding the exercise that works for you, and just doing it – wherever and whenever you can work it into your day. There are just four criteria for my exercise plan that must be met in order for it to be successful:


  1. Must be fun — it can’t be a drudgery
  2. Must not take too much time (30 – 60 mins max)
  3. Must get results relatively quickly
  4. Must fit into my lifestyle

My Exercise Favs:


WOW! This is tons of fun! Tone and detoxify all in one! Plenty of cardiac benefit here too. When I jump on this it feels like every cell in my body is smiling!  Bonus: Just 3 minutes 2x/day detoxifies your whole body. Also, it’s great for revving up your metabolism. Exercise just doesn’t get any better than this! Exercise on your own or follow along with any of the many great rebounding DVDs. When it comes to rebounders, quality is majorly important and there is no better rebounder on the market than Needak Rebounders.  They are made in the USA of 100 percent non-toxic materials.  Click the link above to read all about their proprietary double coil system which makes their rebounders stand out way above the rest.

The Balance Ball Core Workout

There’s no more enjoyable way to strengthen and tone that core! Make sure to get the correct size ball for your height. Also, check out their Balance Ball Chair. I bought one for my office and I am obsessed with it! It naturally helps you to sit up straighter and tighten your abs. LOVE it!

Interval Walking (with my tunes)

I love to walk in my neighborhood early in the morning while listening to some great tunes. I have created playlists to fit whatever mood I’m in at the time. If I’m in more of a “still sleepy and mellow” kind of mood, I go for the “easy listening” playlist. If I’m all jacked up and raring to go, I hit the “party music” tab and off I go. To get the most out of this workout (increased weight loss and fat burning in a shorter period of time), practice interval walking.

Interval walking (incorporating interval training into your walks) simply means alternating bursts of intense high activity with bursts of lighter activity. The bursts of lighter activity are also called recovery periods because you are allowing your heart rate and breathing to slow down a bit to prepare for the next high intensity interval. An example would be to walk at your normal pace for 2 minutes and then increase the speed and/ or resistance level (walk up a hill) for the next 2 minutes, and then repeat for the length of your workout. No fancy equipment needed – just some good walking sneakers and some great tunes!